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Not So Fast...I Have to Trust You.

Updated: Mar 22

Have you noticed, we are spending a lot of time authenticating, changing or recovering passwords? Does the presence of security cameras on every building, doorway and alley give you the sense that you are being watched all the time? When was the last time you breezed through the airport check-in without taking off shoes, unraveling belts or taking your electronics out for X-rays? We've become accustomed to an ecosystem of mistrust, imminent danger and identity threat. Something in us has accepted, our public hyper-vigilance on who's safe and who is dangerous has been reduced to a calculation that its better to assume everyone is dangerous than not.

Every year, for the last 20 years, the Edelman Trust Barometer is published. The survey, conducted by Edelman, a global communication firm, is a pulse read on the public's trust of institutions upon which we rely. The 2023 findings are disturbing, if not utterly unsurprising.

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Make the point, someone on your board most likely is withholding confidence in someone else. If this is the case, how does this work? How does this shape the discourse around your boardroom? What exactly makes and breaks trust on a board?


What can be done?

We do not want to make light of the need for safety on work teams like boards. [Elaborate, affirm]. However, despite the omni-present eye of surveillance cameras and access challenges on our devices and apps, the matter of modeling and increasing trust may be a rather simple matter of humility.

[ Unfold, demonstrate.]

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