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Get to Know Us

The Culturally Conscious Board book project came out of service to social impact agencies. Jennifer and Russ were invited by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust to revise a portion of its enrichment program. In time, it became clear boards were struggling to make sense of culture.


In a time of social ferment, polarization and division, many boards were being called upon to weigh in on headline news events and issues. Many were unprepared.  Others struggled with their own board culture, the way they got their work done together and who they needed (and might have been missing) to get the work done. Boards needed a better handle on how to talk about and steward their cultures. 

We decided to furnish boards with some practical handles to take mystique out of board culture. 

Jukanovich and West have pooled their board enrichment experience to help boards "put culture on the table."  


Thanks for visiting us here. We would enjoy getting to know you and your board as you aspire for deeper impact.

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