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The Culturally Conscious Board is a new book by Jennifer Jukanovich and Russell West. With the support of the MJ Murdock Trust, they seek nothing less than to dramatically improve the culture of inclusion at boards across the spectrum--from the local cancer nonprofit to the multinational anti-poverty NGO. We know we need more diverse voices on boards, but how do we manage to elevate those voices when they join? Using their tested "boardroom table manners" model, Russell and Jennifer provide a new way to think about board culture--something few boards think to discuss – to see it as an asset that board members pledge to cultivate and leverage for the common good.

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Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change from Pepperdine University. She co-hosts the Forum on the Future of Education in Africa Post-COVID-19 and consults for nonprofits and educational institutions. Formerly Vice President for Student Life at Gordon College, she co-founded Karisimbi Business Partners in Rwanda. Jennifer, with diverse experience, was Founder and Executive Director of The Vine and worked in roles including serving with President Clinton's volunteer religious liaison. Actively engaged in boards and family ministries, she resides in

Wenham, Massachusetts, with her husband and three children.

Over three decades, West has held diverse roles—from college leadership to coaching executives and training Marine officers. Russ, a certified executive performance coach, guides healthcare decision-making in Pennsylvania and Florida. He's active in nonprofit leadership programs, lectures at business schools, and consults for nonprofits and small businesses since 2004. Known for attentive listening and strategic acumen, West cultivates impactful teams.

Beyond work, he enjoys family, equestrian pursuits, and sailing.

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